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  Danny "Coogyaker" Paschall  

Danny is an avid outdoorsman who grew up in Alaska fishing the trout streams near his home. The fishing bug never left him when he moved to Texas where he soon fell in love with fishing the open waters along the gulf coast. He now has over ten years of extensive inshore and near-shore saltwater experience. He first started using a sit-on-top kayak more than four years ago and was immediately drawn in by the burgeoning kayak fishing culture in Texas. Last year, he took 1 st place in the Redfish Division at the First Annual Rollover Pass Tournament and 3 rd place in the Flounder Division at the Rockport leg of the Extreme Edge Kayak Fishing Tournament Series.   Danny is one of 5 Team Karankawa members that will be fishing for Team Malibu Kayaks during national tournaments in 2006.



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