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The guys at Laguna are as genuine as they come. And their rods reflect it. They use the finest grade cork straight from Portugal and all of their blanks are made in the US and are of the highest modules graphite available on the market. All of Laguna’s rods are fitted with either FUJI or REC “RECOIL” components, which are 100% titanium and are 100% corrosion resistant. And to top it all off, all Laguna rods are backed by a full 100% guarantee for the life of the rod.
The Rockport Rattler jig was developed to make sound to attract trout, redfish, and flounder when fishing with soft plastic lures. It combines sound, color and light reflecting diamond cut glass eyes or realistic moving 3D eyes that gives every angler that uses it an advantage over an angler using a conventional jig or screw lock jig. The result will be that you'll get a reaction bite. Most lures work when game fish are feeding aggressively. It's their reaction bite that'll make you a productive lure angler when the fish are not in a feeding frenzy.
  The San Francisco Hat Company -
Have you ever wanted a hat that will keep the sun off of you one day and the rain off of you the next? We found it. The Riverz hats from SF Hat. You won't believe the craftmanship, how light and comfortable it is, the durability or the protection you get from this hat.
It's THE ultimate fishing hat. Period.
What can we say about Mann's. They have been in business for 50 years and they make baits that actually catch fish. Not only do their baits catch fish, but you can use them more than one trip, they are very durable. From the Baby 1-Minus in Redfish pattern to the Loudmouth spoon and the recently released Tidewater MID 1-Minus. You will fall in love with these baits. We did. Want to catch more fish - Get Mann's Baits. Made in America…Fished around the world!
  Seriously the Gear Keeper gear retactors are priceless. They keep your gear (pliers, bogas, camera, VHF, cell phone, etc.) not only handy, but secure. They are durable and work flawlessly in salt water. Save your gear!    
Two Karankawans are sit-in guys and Wilderness has a great line of sit-in kayaks.  They are designed for speed, comfort, and stability.  They are a real joy to paddle, especially when you have a lot of water to cover and a lot of gear to carry.


The ultimate kayak fishing manufacturer.  Malibu has created a fishing kayak second to none.  Their fishing boats are durable, stable, dry (yes I said dry), have more storage room than one man should have, and are made with the kayak fisherman in mind. 

Handcrafted in the USA. For generations this statement has stood for quality goods built by caring experts. Pride and quality workmanship is evident every time you pick up a Werner Paddle. You see in our unsurpassed attention to quality and feel it with every stroke.