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  October 20-22, 2005 - Benny, Andy and myself headed down to AP to prefish for the EEF Kayak Tournament. First thing we did was check the weather forecast for tournament day and heard a forcast calling for 15-20 mph winds out of the NE. In Texas that changes the fishing conditions. We studied the maps and found water that would be protected on tournament day and began our prefishing.

We fished waters that we had never fished before so we did a lot of exploring. We check depths, made notes on which way the currents were running, where the bait was stacking up, and of course, where we were on the fish. By Friday night we had a game plan.

During prefishing the wind was mainly blowing out of the SE and the fish were active over the sand and grass flats. Hanging in about 2-3 foot of water. We were catching redfish and trout consistently on our Manns Baby Minus 1 crank baits. Whether we worked them slow or quick the fish were all over them. We landed several slot reds in the 27" range and the trout were averaging 18-20".

Deep shell cuts feeding into the bays from the deep ICW were full of flounder. We were having luck on darker color plastic with either a chartreuse, lime, or white tail bounced slowly off the bottom.

On tournament day with the north winds the fish were fickle and harder to find. The larger fish were not as thick and harder to locate. Again we tried drifting our kayaks over the sand and grass flats. Trout were hanging on ledges that dropped to about 5 feet of water. I was able to land a 24" red on my Baby Minus 1 while drifting a grass flat, in about 3 feet of water. He hit it hard and ended up being good enough to put me in second place for the tournament.

We did our homework and it paid off. Tournament fishing is a lot of fun and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to be a better fisherman. Better competition makes a better fisherman.

Sleigh Rides!


  November 6, 2005 - Andy and I were heading back from the Rollover Kayak Flounder Tournament on Sunday morning when we decided we needed a few more flounder. We made a stop at the barges by the ferry. We had the yaks in the water in no time and weaved our way through all the waders, respectful of their fishing areas of course. I tried the barges quickly and realized it wasn't the best place to be. There were alot of fisherman there and the current was really moving.

We paddled back towards intercoastal and just beyond the waders. They seemed to be stopping where the sand was becoming a little too muddy. Well that is where we found the flounder. You should have seen the waders trying to make extra long casts to get out just a little further. The tide was moving out quickly and we were in about 3 feet of water. We made one drift towards the intercoastal and landed 3 nice flatties. I fished a white split tail grub (4 inch) with a white Rockport Rattler (1/4 oz). I landed 2 nice flatties and Andy picked up one. He was fishing the same but in yellow. After that drift we headed back to the trucks and hit the ferry. That drift took us maybe 20 minutes, we were in and out in a jif and we added three flounder to the cooler of fish from tournament day.

I think the big females will really turn on with the next cold snap. When that happens you will probably see me there. Save yourself the hassle of dragging a bait bucket around, live bait is not needed. Get yourself a heavy enough jig to allow you to bounce it off the bottom and pick your color. A fellow at Rollover Pass was killing the old red and white tail. Old school works.



March 11, 2006 - Team Karankawa member Larry 'Mack' McAfee successfully battled wintry conditions and won the first leg of the Specktacular Kayak Fishing Tournament Series with two Texas slot redfish weighing in at 9lbs and 1 oz.


With his victory in the inaugural tournament, Mack moved into first place in the angler of the year standings and earned a right to fish the Specktacular Invitational in July.

Congratulations Mack!!!




April 7-9, 2006 - Falcon Lake - Three of us Danny, Lance, and myself made the trip to Falcon Lake last weekend. We launched our kayaks on the Veleno into a strong N breeze. Kayak fishing in 15-25 mph winds and heavy brush can get interesting at times. It took us about two hours to figure out the pattern, but once we did the action was consistent. Smaller fish were busting shad on top everywhere and were easy pickings. They would hit anything and were so aggressive I believe they would have taken a bare hook had we presented it to them. The big fish bite was sluggish at best due to the front.  Lance did manage to catch the big bass of the trip at 7 lbs. and she had already completed her spawn.      


We caught over 100 fish and that number could have been much higher had we not left the small ones to look for bigger fish. Most fish caught on a variety of plastics and spinner baits. The big fish came on a watermelon red brush hog. We stopped by Falcon Lake Tackle mid-day Sat. to restock. Until next time, enjoy the good fishing and release the ladies so they can finish their business.


June 17, 2006 - Specktacular Kayak Tournament - Congratulations to Team Karankawa members Lance and Joe on their second place finish in the second annual Spectacular Kayak Series.  Their two fish limit weighed in at 10lbs - 11oz.  On cue the weather turned foul on tournament day.  High tides, scattered thunderstorms, and high easterly winds didn't keep the kayakers off the water. Rigged up with their Mann's Baby Minus - 1's they attacked the marsh.  Well hidden from any power boats they searched out reds feeding over shell reefs. 

Joe saw a tail early and moved into position.  He tossed the gold with black back Baby 1-Minus about 6 feet past him and let it sit there for about 10 seconds.  Then he began to reel it in across the red's nose.  There was an explosion as the red attacked it as it passed by.  Rigged with PowerPro Joe was able to control the reds run and keep him out of dangerous line cutting shell.  One 26" red down, one to go. 

The fishing was hard and the reds were tough find.  Lance was able to find the second slot red in a similar fashion to right as the tide was beginning to stand still. 


Lance and Joe have been invited to fish the Invitational Specktacular Tournament in July.  They will be joining Team Karankawa members Mack (1st place Spectacular March), Andy Abrahamson and Benny Landrum (honorary member). 

June 24-26, 2006 - Upper Laguna Madre - Andy and I spent the weekend camping in the Upper Laguna Madre.  The weather was incredible.  We arrived Friday afternoon and the wind was blowing steadily out of the southeast.  Saturday and Sunday the bay was glass in the morning and the winds gradually began to blow out of the SE in the afternoon. 

Being that we were unfamiliar with the area we spent a lot of time exploring the area.  We were drawn to the flats and we began to search for reds in about 1-2' of water.  The ground was sandy with patches of grass.  About an hour before sunset we found ourselves surrounded by tails as far as we could see.  Most were black drum with a few reds mixed in.  Instead of paddling out beyond the black drum to search for the packs of reds we decided to fish the drum.  They fight the same and we were in them.  We rigged up with gold flaked DOA's and 3 1/2" Mann's Hardnose Mullet (Shrimp Green) on a 1/16" jig head.  The fish were clueless of our presence as we sat in the kayaks and we only had to flip the plastic about 6 feet and land it in front of their nose.  The ride was on and was generally followed by a WOOHOO !            


We caught countless amounts of trout on Baby 1-Minus', anything with chartreuse on them, soft plastics, and topwaters.  The highlight for myself was my 28 1/2" trout. I was paddling about 20 feet from shore in about 12 inches of water, exploring. The bottom was sandy with patches of grass. Suddenly 10 feet from me to my left I saw a large fish that looked like a black submarine swimming along with me. I quickly grabbed my Laguna Texas Wader rod from the rod holder behind me and in one motion flipped the gold inline spinner ahead and past him. Perfect! I ran it in front of his nose and nothing but he just kept swimming. "Wow a second chance" I thought. I did it again. He accelerated like nothing I had ever seen and the fight was on. When he turned and showed me all those spots I knew I could not lose that fish. Power Pro line and the feel of the Laguna Texas Wader rod gave me the confidence I wasn't going to lose that fish. 


As an angler, going somewhere you have never fished before can be very rewarding.  Pick a place, plan a trip and go.  Stories and memories are there to be made. 

- Lance

August 21, 2010 - Galveston Marsh - We are back. Back to hunting redfish in the marshlands of Galveston Bay. On this particular day Mike Herold and I scored a beautiful day on the water. Max winds were 5 mph and the tide was falling fast. Below is a video of one of the days many catches.